Alison, Colin, and baby Callum

There’s nothing more wonderful than seeing a newborn–especially when it’s your friend’s baby. And photographing a little one with his/her family is always a joy for me. Here’s Alison, Colin, and their beautiful baby, Callum.

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Julie’s family photos

I can post these photos now because they were a Christmas present for Julie’s husband! Julie wanted casual photos of the kids–just hanging out and having fun in the studio (and, yes, another wonderful family to work with!). And we managed to book a session despite so many different schedules and activities! Here’s a sample from the session…

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Danica’s family portraits

Earlier this Fall, I photographed Danica when she was pregnant, and in December I had the pleasure of meeting the rest of her family when we did a family portrait session. I had a great time photographing everyone. I can’t help but smile when I look at the photos of their children–I love their expressions, but it’s their daddy’s “Star Wars” tie which features a Storm trooper and the Death Star that makes me chuckle out loud (I am a die hard Star Wars fan, what can I say?!).

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the Slogotski’s

I know I am always gushing about the families I photograph, but honestly I have been so lucky to work with some fabulous families–and the Slogotski’s are the latest! I met them at the Baby Fair in September and they contacted me afterwards to photograph their children, including their newborn! And, nothing like photographing a little one who naps in the most photogenic poses! Here’s some of my favourites from the session (click on the images to see them larger).

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Alison & Colin–maternity photos

One of the great things about participating in the Baby Fair a few months ago was meeting fellow exhibitors, chatting with fair-goers and, perhaps best of all, re-connecting with people with whom I had lost touch. I was absolutely thrilled when I saw an old friend, Alison, walk up to my booth–and to see that she was pregnant! She looked fabulous! A few weeks later, Alison and her hubby Colin, came to the studio and we did a maternity session. Mid-November, their little boy made his way into the world. I can’t wait to meet him, hear all the details about the labour (I love hearing labour stories!), and do a newborn session, too. Here’s a sneak peek from the session.

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Aidan’s family photos

Aidan’s family came to Victoria only a few years ago, and it was shortly after their move when I met them through the GVDSS. They are one of those families that made me stop and wonder how they did it all: three great boys, plus mom and dad were working on their degrees. I also want to mention that I love Aidan’s mom’s more recent project, Little Gull Studio. Her art cards are going to be my stocking stuffers this year!

It was nice to meet up with Aidan’s family again and do a photo session Thanksgiving weekend–along with the grandparents who were visiting from out of province. It’s a wonderfully small world: years ago, the grandparents lived in my very very very small town in Saskatchewan–and knew my father’s family.

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Leah, Dave, & Tammy’s family portraits

When I met Dave and Leah at Beacon Hill Park for their family portrait session, I immediately recognized their daughter from the Baby Fair–and I saw a lot of kids! Tammy is one of those gorgeous little ones with big, brown, expressive eyes, and a smile that is delightful–and contagious. And, she was teething; at the photo session she wanted to gnaw on everything–which made her even more adorable! We found the last pile of yellow leaves in the park, they sat down and started playing, and I had a wonderful time documenting this family on one of the last gorgeous Autumn days. Here are some photos from the session, including Tammy’s newly-cut teeth!

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